Publish Your App
  • Updated on 17 Aug 2019
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Publish Your App

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To be able to publish your App, you first need to have developer access to the Portal.

If this is your first time using the developer tools and you are not using an invitation code, you must install the AppPublisher App from the FrontM Marketplace. To do this, follow the instructions in the section below. If you have already installed it, skip this section.

Installing the AppPublisher

Once you have followed the instructions for your first login, click on the option 'Manage' at the bottom of the left navigation menu to expand the menu and then click on 'Marketplace'.


Once you are in the Marketplace, you need to go to 'Categories' and look for the Development category. The AppPublisher will be listed under this category.


Once you find the AppPublisher, click on the 'Install' button as shown in the picture.

Now click on 'Home' and the AppPublisher will be listed under the Timeline.

NOTE: If you don't see the Development category, you don't have a Developer role. Please contact

Publishing your App

When you open a conversation with the AppPublisher, it will welcome you and show a number of smart suggestions. Click on the suggestion 'Create a New Bot': ('Create a New App'?)

The AppPublisher will reply with a Form message as shown. Click on 'Continue':

You will see a form opening on the screen. This is the App Metadata form that you must fill out to publish your App. The following fields are available:

  • Name: Give a name to your App. This name will appear in the Marketplace.
  • Description: Give a description to your App. This description will appear in the Marketplace.
  • Domain: Select the Domain 'Test'. We will explain Domains more later.
  • User Roles: Select 'End User' as a role.
  • Category: Pick 'Fun' as a category.
  • Available Clients: Select 'Web' and 'Mobile'. Other channels will be added in future.
  • Developer: Select 'FrontM' as the developer company.

Once you click on 'Save', the AppPublisher will acknowledge the message and you will be ready to upload a logo and the source code you created:

Follow the AppPublisher's instructions and upload a .png file and a javascript file '.js' file respectively to upload your logo and source code (you can upload them in any order or even together). The AppPublisher will then acknowledge the files:

Now click on 'Publish Bot' ('Publish App'?) and after about 15 seconds the publication will be acknowledged:

Congratulations! Now your own App will appear listed in the FrontM Marketplace!

Go to the Marketplace, navigate to the 'Fun' category and hit 'Install'. Your App will be chatting with you in no time!

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