FrontM Developer Docs

Build customer experience and team collaboration applications that even work offline.


Take user experiences to places it's never been before.

Use our Javascript based programming framework, to create, test and deploy conversational software applications that run seamlessly, regardless of the internet quality. Limitless possibilities exist ranging from inflight social networking apps, social games, maps and a vast range of utilities for passengers, cruise customers and remote-teams.

Our app-stores are deployed on airlines, cruises, ships and remote enterprises, waiting for you to create the next big thing to add to it. What will it be?

Edge AI. For Developers. Obsessed to innovate.

We're doing all the hard work with our patent-pending Edge AI Developer framework to bring those differences that our customer ecosystem require. Leverage our technology and the very latest research and discoveries in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. That way for every problem you want to solve, you won't need a PhD.

You can focus on what’s really exciting: building innovative experiences between humans and computers, that work anywhere. And we will continue to focus on making sure you can build them, easily.


For FrontM App

Build applications that run on FrontM's web and mobile platforms, for airlines, cruises, shipping and remote customer ecosystems.

For Your Brand App

Customise your white labelled app. Add workflows, questions and answers, new languages, maps and new collaboration functionality.

For Partner App Stores

Join our developer network to create new applications for our airline and cruise partner app-stores, to readily reach millions of people.